Jan Geijtenbeek

Pianist & composer Jan Geijtenbeek (1988) won the 1st price of the ’Artez Vrienden Publieksprijs’ with his graduation from the conservatory in 2013. In 2014 he and his band ’Goatmusic’ were in the finals of the ’Keep an Eye awards’ (the records) He finished his Master with Jeroen van Vliet (Boy Edgar Prize winner) in 2015. Jan has released 5 albums: ‘Common Ground’ (2013), ‘Today’s Story’ (2014), ‘Silver is Gold’ (2015),‘Piece of Mind’ (2016) and ‘Boston Waltz’ (2017) All of this albums feature his own compositions. ‘Today’s Story’ also features vocalist Esther van Hees (Esther von Haze), Anton Goudsmit (the Ploctones) and Rolf Delfos (Artvark). On ‘Piece of Mind’ Jan collaborated with his former teacher Jeroen van Vliet.

From the end of November 2016 Jan has been living in Boston (USA), where he attended classes at Berklee from among others Kenny Werner. These months abroad resulted in a lot of newly inspired compositions and the recording of the 2017 album ‘Boston Waltz’. This album was recorded in the USA with an American rhythm section. On this record he collaborated with drummer Lee Fish and bassist Simón Willson.